Association Dues

1728478b17e304af1fa3495104eeb77a.jpg The Lombard Mews is not a Condominium.  Each owner in the Lombard Mews owns their home, interior and exterior, and each home owns a piece of the courtyard, as well, roughly the length of the frontage of the house and out to the middle of the courtyard.  The Homeowners Association, as a not-for-profit entity, does not own any part of the property at all, but is in charge of administering the general maintenance of the Common Areas, including the brick courtyard to which everyone has access.  That administration is done by an annually-elected Board of Directors, with the aid of a property management company.

As members of the Association, each owner has granted an access easement for the portion of the courtyard area that belongs to their house to every other owner.  There are Bylaws and Rules and Regulations that are agreed to by all the owners that govern how the Common Areas may be used, and how they should be maintained either by each owner, or by the Association.  To that end, the Association charges dues to all the members on a monthly basis.

Currently, the Association monthly dues are $75 per home.  That money is pooled in an account, and is drawn upon to pay for the expenses related to the responsibilities of the Association.  Those include direct costs such as lighting of the courtyard, landscaping of the trees, hedges and plants in the courtyard, maintenance of the brick walkways, stairways, railings and gates, and maintenance of the fountain near the front gate.  They also include such indirect costs as administrative fees for the property management company, insurance for the elements of the Common Areas, and from time to time, social gatherings for members.